The Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development – SMIT is a government institution created in December 2007 by the Moroccan government in order to implement the development strategy of the tourism product in Morocco. In an increasingly competitive international context among tourism destinations where differentiation is tougher and tougher, attractiveness has become one of the major issues of development. SMIT puts attractiveness at the heart of its concerns with an ambition to increase the value of the best assets of each tourism territory so that it becomes a real pole of competitiveness.
Designing the offer, identifying and highlighting the tourism attractions, mobilizing lands, guiding public and private investment, supporting investors and tour operators, facilitating their development in Morocco… These are the day-to-day challenges that SMIT copes with.



The Moroccan Agency for Tourism Development is a limited liability company jointly run by an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. The Company also has an Audit Committee and an Investment Committee.

The Executive Board manages the company and is invested with the most extensive powers to act on behalf of the company, for decisions in all circumstances and all the decisions contributing to the achievement of its corporate purpose. The Executive Board assumes its duties under the control of the Supervisory Board whose members are appointed by law.

The Audit Committee is an offshoot of the Supervisory Board and has for mission to assist the latter in monitoring the financial reports’ rule compliance, the legal and regulatory requirements’ respect and qualification, and the external auditors’ independence and action.

The Investment Committee has the authority to take major decision on the company investments and ensure the effective management of the Company’s financial assets.



Building on its experience in structuring and implementing key projects, SMIT provides private investors, local authorities and various government bodies with a team of professionals, personalized and valuable service offering to assist them from the design of their project to its start-up.

The objective is to support these partners to increase their economic competitiveness and contribute to the success of their developments.



SMIT’s intervention is about the influence strategies that are related to tourism projects, by defining and implementing outstanding promotional measures able to support the attraction of the Moroccan destination as a hub of tourism investment.

Capitalizing on its network of international partners, SMIT positions Morocco at the center of tourism investment, hence making the Kingdom a major destination for the target communities.