Capitalizing on our extensive knowledge of the Moroccan market, on our knowledge of the needs of development of each region, on our cutting-edge expertise and our analytical capacity, we provide you with tailored advice that is specific to your project. Our ability to connect project managers with investors, local and central authorities, provides us the main role in tourism investment development and promotion.
Capitalizing on our extensive portfolio of partnerships with key players in the private world; all the Moroccan administrations, banks, brand-name hotel chains and investment funds, we position ourselves as a real networking platform.

The 1st part of our intervention covers carrying out studies and analyses. An historical operator of tourism investment in Morocco, SMIT became a real platform of observation and analysis to lead and guide the investor in its decision-making process. The studies and analyses produced by SMIT teams are an array of information and tools periodically updated in order to better promote the tourism sector and its levers of competitiveness.

These researches consist of the following points:

  • Market research on the emerging trends in the tourism sector in terms of development (studies on new popular concepts);
  • Field and operational studies to identify the tourism interest sites at the level of the regions;
  • Financial feasibility studies on the sites already identified;
  • Land studies and intervention for mobilizing problematic properties;
  • Producing Master Plans for the 2020 vision larger-scale projects;
  • Developing tourism perspective for the larger-scale projects;
  • Producing reports and dashboards on the economic situation, and on tourism investment indicators.

Capitalizing on our network of international partners, we ensure to place Morocco at the center of all the tourism investment conversations; and thus in order to make it for the target communities as the major destination for tourism investment.

SMIT’s 2nd main activity is to promote tourism investment opportunities in order to secure the funds that necessary to develop the tourism projects that are in SMIT database. Capitalizing on its network of international partners, SMIT wants to place Morocco at the center of global tourism investment in order to inform all the actors about the latest information in terms of development in Morocco.

  • Road shows and events’ organization in order to guide investors toward the most suitable projects;
  • Activating investment incentives for investors;
  • Networking of actors in the tourism investment with the national operators and local authorities;
  • Facilitating approvals and other accreditations;
  • Community participation at the events of the tourism and hotel investment;
  • Producing promotional pods and films of the Moroccan tourism product;
  • Producing various media (brochures, leaflets, TV and radio commercials, goodies, social networks, etc…)
SMIT’s 3rd intervention component is to preserve and manage property assets owned by the company. Capitalizing on its expert knowledge of the market, its perfect expertise of the development needs of each region and the available properties, the SMIT’s duty is to preserve and manage its assets. The investors’ assistance in close collaboration with the local authorities is done during all the investment procedures (from the definition of tourism projects to be developed, their design, and the land valuation until the project’s opening). Indeed, SMIT is responsible for the design of the tourism projects able to guarantee their economic and operational feasibility and proceeds to market these projects to investors that have the capabilities to insure their execution within the time outsourced. As part of its policy development and support, SMIT always enhances its heritage by taking into account the investors’ needs:
  • Land preservation and development
  • Creating the concept that is suitable for each parcel
  • Monitoring the carried out works and projects
  • Participation in the selection process of investment partners.

Strategic studies

  • “Azur plan” Repositioning Strategy
  • National strategy of Vision 2020 by territory and region with the launching of the regional enquiries with a view to negotiate the Regional Contracts Programs

Operational engineering studies

  • Master Plan of the "Heritage & Legacy" program
  • Tourism Development Plan of the cultural product in the medinas
  • Tourism Development Plan of the nature product
  • Preliminary study on theme entertainment parks
  • Study for senior travelers
  • Regional Plan related to the Development of Tangier and its surrounding area
  • Tourism development study in Ifrane
  • AghroudKid’s Village: Concept and positioning preliminary study
  • Plage blanche (White beach): Concept and positioning study & Business Plan
  • Rabat New Beach front area Development (Corniche of Rabat): Concept and positioning study & Business Plan
  • Preliminary studies related to the family vacation villages (VVF) - Open-air accommodations
  • Eco-Resort Dakhla: Concept and positioning preliminary study
  • Feasibility study related to the development of an Exhibition Park in Tangier
  • Valuation study concerning the medinas of several cities in Morocco
  • Ouarzazate Cinema Resort: Concept and positioning preliminary study & Business Plan & model
  • Oukaïmeden Ski Resort: Concept and positioning preliminary study & Business Plan & model
  • Preconcept implementation of the projects submitted to Wessal Capital
  • Casa Port conversion: Concept and positioning preliminary study & Business Plan & model
  • A new tourism project development at Nouaceur (with the Royal Air Maroc)
  • A partnership implementation study for the growth and development of Saidia on behalf of Fadesa and CDG

Financial engineering study

  • Assistance mission in debt negotiation for Taghazout financing on behalf of the SAPST
  • Financial arrangement study related to the Castle and Kasbah valorization project on behalf of the Moroccan Kasbah Promotion Company
  • Investment strategy related to Ithmar Capital Fund (former FMDT)
  • Investment strategy related to Wessal Capital
  • Investment strategy related to the Moroccan tourism development fund (FMDT)
  • Engineering study related to the investment premium’s implementation
  • Implementation study related to a guarantee fund dedicated to tourism project