• “Continuing to make tourism one of the pillars of economic, social and cultural development of Morocco”.
  • “Being part of the world’s 20 largest destinations and establishing itself as the benchmark around the Mediterranean in the field of sustainable development”… through a unique and environmentally responsible model of tourism development and placing sustainable development at the heart of its strategy.


Doubling the size of the sector to become the first industry of the country

  • Building 160,000 new hotel beds and 40,000 new beds of luxury tourism residences;
  • Doubling tourist arrivals by doubling the market share on the main European markets as well as attracting 1 million tourists in the emerging markets;
  • Tripling the number of domestic trips;
  • At the end of the decade, reaching one million direct job positions in tourism;
  • Generating MAD 1,000 billion of accumulated revenue during the decade;
  • Increasing the contribution of tourism in the country’s GDP by 2 points.

Strategic framework

An innovative approach based on three major axes:

  • A proactive policy related to the territorial development of the tourism offer
  • A new institutional scheme of dynamic control
  • An innovative approach and a device built for tourism sustainability

 8 Differentiated Tourism Territories  

Vision 2020 plays a major role in the regionalization process to which Morocco is committed. The new regional planning policy allows regions to take advantage of all their potentialities (natural sites, cultural heritage, living culture, etc.).

Thus, the tourism offer is structured around eight tourism territories.