The journey at the heart of Morocco’s history

It is a thematic Resort on the Moroccan history, telling Morocco’s story from 40 AD until our contemporary time capitalizing on the historical background embedded in the Meknes region and the archaeological site of Volubilis.
The idea is to offer historical re-enactments based on real facts of the Moroccan history (battles, grand events, lifestyle, crafts, gastronomy...). Examples of thematic villages:
  • Antique hotel with buildings offering large colonnades, a spa area, patios of summer, a themed restaurant, shows, Roman traditional outfits for customers, etc.
  • A theme park: Recreation Park revitalizing in a virtual and playful way the life at the time of the Roman Empire.
  • Surface: 200 Ha
  • Investment: MAD 3 500 billion
  • TIR: 12 - 14 %

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