The Dinosaurs’ Valley

The Dinosaurs’ Valley, a discovery and emotion Park, is situated in the road of Azilal, Ouzoud Falls. It is located at 120 km from Beni-Mellal and 150 km North-East of Marrakech. The Park will be an emotion and discovery park with a few experimentation components. It will be positioned as an emotional, fun and attractive facility, outdoor, which refers to the territory’s discovery and which will be enriched by ludo-educational spaces. The dinosaur will be a vector of emotion and will serve as a common thread for the various proposed experiments.
  • Pavilions, site houses
  • Pedagogical spaces classrooms
  • Educational farm
  • Media theme pavilions
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Playgrounds
  • Treetop climbing
  • 15 ha-20 ha
  • MAD 250 billion
  • TIR : <6%

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