The constellation of ages and civilizations

Fez, the constellation city living museum, at the discovery of preserved ancestral practices from generation to generation. The meeting place of the local population to appreciate its customs and traditions through a constellation of villages about specific themes around art, traditions…
It is a Resort or constellation of Luxury Resorts featuring culture and traditions while remaining authentic under the “arts and traditions” theme. The Resort is positioned in complementarity with the medina, as a space for the new trends of the young artists and new generations of Moroccan artisans in traditional trades: pottery, carpet, wood, iron, leather, glass, music, gastronomy, etc.
  • Traditional bath and Spa
  • Body care based on products of artisanal beauties (ghassoul, argan oil, rose water, orange blossom water, etc.)
  • A fitness center with a private coach (fitness, swimming pool, aqua gym, wellness center, etc...)
  • Stores and shops of weaving, carpentry, leather goods, pottery etc...
  • Bed capacity: 5.000 beds
  • Surface: 300 Ha
  • Investment: MAD 6 000 billion
  • TIR: 12 -14 %

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